Questions & Answers (FAQ)

Do I have to pay to get Internet access at maxspot® hotspots?

No. Internet access is provided for free at every maxspot® hotspot.

Are there any blocked services or blocked web sites at a hotspot?

No. maxspot® hotspots provide a full, uncensored Internet access.

However, the hotspot owner can reduce the available bandwidth for file-transfer services in order to reserve bandwidth for time-critical applications such as Internet telephony or streaming media or block services such as P2P completely.

If you need more information about a hotspot's blocking policy, please ask the hotspot owner directly.

Can I use a secure VPN connection to my company's network?

You not only can use virtual private network (VPN) connections with our hotspots, you actually should use VPN or SSL-encrypted connections when exchanging private data.

Please note that we do not support proprietary VPN products based on L2TP such as Microsoft VPN. We strongly suggest that you get a free alternative such as OpenVPN, which is available for Windows, MacOS and UNIX/Linux systems.

Why am I being logged out automatically after longer inactivity?

The hotspot checks at regular intervals, whether your device is still connected. If your device is inactive for more than a hour, you will be logged off automatically.

If your SmartPhone disables WiFi when going into sleep mode, make sure you configure it to keep the WiFi adapter on while sleeping.