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Privacy policy

When registering with maxspot® you provide sensitive personal information such as your name, your mail address or your mobile phone number. This page informs you about the purpose of recording this data and when this data will be deleted.

In no way is any of this data shared with third parties.

User data

When you register, we store the following user data as your account:

  • An username, your mail address and/or your phone number,
  • your full name if given.

The username, mail address and/or phone number are needed for authentication at our hotspots.

The full name is used only on the portal page to welcome you personally by your name. If you did not specify your full name, the username is used in the welcome message.

An account is deleted automatically:

  • if it was not activated after 2 days
  • or if it has not been used for more than 6 months (unless you have choosen to preserve it permanently on the page Change profile).

If you delete your account manually on the page Delete account and your account is still in validation period, the data will be removed instantly. If your account is activated already, it will be scheduled for deletion and finally removed after 7 days.

Connection data

When you log in at a hotspot, we store the following connection data:

  • Your username,
  • the time of login and logout,
  • the hotspot's ID and your client's ID,
  • the data volume consumed in this session.

We use this information only for technical and statistical purposes in order to improve the user-experience of our services.

Your connection time and transfer volume are used to check against limits a hotspot may imply. The connection data is also shown in various statistics reports visible to administrators and hotspot owners.

The username is deleted from the connection data after 7 days. The remaining connection data is deleted automatically after 3 months.

Web server data

Our web server does not store any data other than session data on the portal site necessary to provide login functionality. We use cookies in your browser to refer to this session data. All cookies are deleted if you end your session either by logging off from the portal or by just closing your browser.

We want to emphasize that we will not hand out any of this data to third parties, except if forced by a judge or by law to hand out data to the legal authorities.